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Ministry Leadership Center Testimonials:

Connecting personal growth with their development as leaders:

Leadership formation has been an incredibly personal learning experience for me, and has been the most rewarding professional experience of my life. In particular…READ MORE it has influenced me by strengthening my resolve to become a “spiritual” leader – working to incorporate compassion and other spiritual qualities in my day-to-day work, while supporting the fundamental values and needs of the organization. 

MLC Core Program Participant

Enhancing ability to incorporate values into decisions and situations:

As well as being personally transformative, MLC’s programs ground participants in a shared experience and gives them a common vocabulary to talk about that experience….READ MORE By diving deeply into the twelve foundational concerns and learning to connect those concerns to their daily work, our leaders are better able to help meet our strategic priorities today and more adept at leading our ministry into the future. 

System Director, Mission Services 

Embracing a community of Catholic health care leaders:

The Senior Leadership Formation Forum has provided a tremendous opportunity to engage our leadership team, built on the foundation of learning from MLC…READ MORE The dialogue is rich and embraces both organizational and leadership development with a strong focus on spiritual and ethical considerations. We have developed deeper trust as a team and are better prepared to deal with the challenges and opportunities of health care and leadership in a Catholic organization. 

Regional Chief Executive 

Catholic Health Australia is extremely grateful to be able to partner with the Ministry Leadership Center as we explore and prepare to develop a leadership formation program READ MORE for Catholic health and aged care leaders in Australia. Their generous sharing of model practices and resources, and their responsiveness to our needs and circumstances, have had and will continue to have a major impact on the landscape of leadership formation in Australia. We are delighted to have access to the expertise, wisdom and collegial spirit of the MLC team which has resulted in the development of this gold-standard program. 

Director of Mission Strategy, Catholic Health Australia

From its inception, the Ministry Leadership Center has studiously conducted program evaluations and outcome assessments. These metrics have enabled the Center to continuously refine and…READ MORE improve the quality of its program, and have enabled the Center’s sponsoring health systems to evaluate the MLC’s value by measuring the impact of its program on their leaders and organizational cultures. 

System Sponsor

Acquiring theological underpinnings critical to ministerial leadership:

What an incredibly enriching, enlightening, life-changing journey this has been and will continue to be for me. I have a newfound respect and admiration…READ MORE for Catholic Health Care. I only wish that every faith-based health care system would invest the time, talent, and resources that I have experienced with MLC. 

Core Program Participant